Daily Bulletin

Seward High School Bulletin for Monday, October 02, 2023

Happy Birthday!!!
Monday: Ceden Fleischman, Caden Benedict and Mrs. Knudsen
Wednesday: Sierra Brauer and Mrs. Krenk
Thursday: Hannah Colfack, Rilyn Luebbe and Chase Sheldon
Friday: Devyn Rathjen and AAlijah Utecht
Saturday: Sage Prochaska
Sunday: Holly Venetis and Kai Davis

Financial Aid Meeting and College Fair "P" in PRIDE stands for Preparation. Start preparing for your future with a Financial Aid Meeting and a College Fair Monday night, October 2, starting at 6:00 p.m. Seniors, juniors, and parents/guardians should attend the Financial Aid meeting to learn about FAFSA changes for this year. All students are welcome to attend the College Fair in the front lobby. The college fair starts at 6:30 p.m. Some of the colleges in attendance are UNL, UNK, UNO, Nebraska Wesleyan, Chadron State College, Wayne State College, Peru State College, Southeast Community College, Northeast Community College, and Doane University.

Junior ACT Meetings Juniors: Change in bubbling dates! We need to do some pre-bubbling on your ACT answer folder before you test October 17. All A-K students please report to the Auditorium at the start of 5th period Thursday, October 12, with your Chromebook. All L-Z students and all junior softball players, will report to the Auditorium Tuesday, October 10. If one day doesn't work for you, attend the other session. ALL juniors need to attend one of these sessions. If you know that you're going to be absent, see Mr. Fields ASAP.

PSAT meeting Those students who are taking the PSAT in October: Remember, there is a technology meeting in Room 201 Tuesday at the start of fifth period. Bring your Chromebook and do not miss this meeting.

Cupcakes for Sale!! Senora's Cupcakes for sale THIS FRIDAY starting at 7:45 am. Proceeds will benefit the students going on the Costa Rica Spanish/Science Trip! Please consider helping out and buying a DELICIOUS cupcake!

Softball No activity passes are accepted at today’s subdistrict softball games. Admission prices are set by the NSAA, Adults $6, Students $5.

From the Counseling Center SOPHOMORES:
HOBY applications are in - next step is interviews on Wed, Sept 27th.
Check the Scholarship Listing page for information/eligibility and ScholarshipQuest weekly for scholarship application opportunities. Some upcoming deadlines:
As soon as possible: Rotary Youth of the Month
2 - Coca-Cola
17 - Wendy's Heisman
31 - CUNE Music
1 - Wichita State
13 - Hispanic Heritage
13 - Elks MVP
15 - USD
1 - Hagan
1 - Kansas University
1 - SDSU
1 - NE Wesleyan HUGE
1 - Peru State RHOP
1 - Wayne State
1 - Wayne RHOP
1 - Wayne RLOP
15 - NE Poultry
30 - Lincoln Elks #80

SHS Cafeteria You need your ID card to pay for your food. If you don't have your card, go to the back of the line. Thank you!

Lunch Room Rules:
Please pick up after yourself and respect the lunch staff and other students.
No students are allowed in the cafeteria unless it is their lunch shift. Students are not allowed to come in and grab Ala Carte, this slows the line down and cuts into the other student’s lunchtime.
Only Juniors and Seniors are allowed to sit in the Middle Lobby (approval only). No exceptions.
Students need to stay in their seats after eating.
If students need to go to Ala Carte or Restroom, they must check out with a lunchroom supervisor.
Students are not allowed to go to locker room areas or regular lockers during lunch shifts as we have classes going on at this time.
Students not following the appropriate rules will be reassigned to a seating area designated by the administration.

Please be sure you ask if you have questions on what qualifies for the meal price.

Breakfast served every morning from 7:45 - 8:10

Daily Specials:
Monday - 10/2: Chicken Fried Rice, Broccoli & Carrots
Tuesday - 10/3: Meatlover's Calzone, Steamed Grean Peas
Wednesday - 10/4: Pulled Pork Nachos, Tator Tots
Thursday - 10/5: Southwest Steak Rice Bowl, Pepper & Onion Blend
Friday - 10/6: California Chicken Breast Sandwich, Potatoe Wedges

Monday - 10/9: French Bread Pizza, Roasted Greaen Beans
Tuesday - 10/10: Breaded Chicken Drumstick, Dinner Roll adn Mashed Potatoes
Wednesday - 10/11: Cinnamon Roll, Scrambled Eggs, Sausage Patty and Tator Tots
Thursday - 10/12: Huli Huli Chicken, Cilanto Lime Brown Rice, Roasted Pinapple Tidbits
Friday - 10/13: Walking Taco, Black Beans

Monday: Grilled Cheese
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Wednesday: Corn Dog
Thursday: Bacon Cheeseburger
Friday: Chicken Parm Sandwich

Monday: Sausage
Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken
Wednesday: Hamburger
Thursday: Supreme
Friday: Meatlover's

Monday: Turkey & Cheese Sub
Tuesday: Double Berry Parfait
Wednesday: Italian Combo Sub
Thursday: Crispy Chicken WrapBR> Friday: Chicken Caesar Wrap

Ala Carte Items / Prices
Dailty Lunch Meal Price - $3.25
Chex Mix $1.10
Chips $1.00
Kettle Chips $1.25
Fruit Snacks $1.10
Granola Bars $1.50
Kind Bar $1.75
Pop Tarts $1.10
Grandma Cookies $1.00
Rice Crispy Treats $1.25
Tropicana Juice $1.75
Bubbly $2.25
Pepsi products $2.00
Gatorade $2.50
Propel $2.50
Izzy $1.50
Donuts $1.75
Animal Crackers $0.75
Goldfish, Graham Crackers, Bug Bites $0.75
Uncrustables $1.25
Milk $0.40
Extra Entrée $2.25
Ice Cream $1.00

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