Daily Bulletin

Seward High School Bulletin for Friday, November 24, 2017

Health Tip of the Day: An NSF international survey found that 77% of kitchen sponges and dish clothes contained coli form bacteria, 86% had yeast and mold and 18% had Staph bacteria.

From the Counseling Center Scholarships
1-Wayne State College RLOP Program
1-Wayne State College Scholarships
1-Montana State University Scholarships
15 - AXA Achievement Scholarship
15-NE Wesleyan STEM Scholars
27-Elks Most Valuable Student
31-ACT Student Champions
31-Rove Pest Control Scholarship
1-National Wild Turkey
15-Chadron State Scholarships
15-Peru State Scholarships
30-National Honor Society
31-Acacia Fraternity
31-Norma Ross Walter
31-Doane Hansen Leadership
31-Lincoln Elks Lodge #80
1-UNO Scholarships
15-WACE and National Co-op
15-UNL Honors / CBA
22-Southeast Community College
26-Sowers Club
1-University of Nebraska - Lincoln Scholarships
1-Gerald Coffey Post #4755 Auxiliary VFW Scholarship
1-NE Community College
1-Tip Top Tux
1- UNK Scholarships
5-Todd Ricenbaw Memorial

College Reps Visits Scheduled:
Juniors and Seniors - Sign up in eBackpack if interested.
Tuesday, November 21 - Chadron State

Seward Bluejays - Want to be a Carson Scholar?
Submit your essay to Ms. Baker by Friday, December 1st. From the essays the scholarship committee will then select one nominee to represent Seward High School. More information can be found at their website: http://carsonscholars.org/scholarships/

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