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Seward High School Bulletin for Thursday, September 29, 2022

Happy Birthday!!!
Monday: Elizabeth Pracheil
Wednesday: David Brisbane, Easton Else and Ona Stutzman
Thursday: Bryce Bauman, Cooper Fern, Devon Perry and and Danielle Pallet
Sunday: Ceden Fleishman

HOBY Applications HOBY offers a fantastic leadership experience! For more details go to: https://hoby.org/programs/state-leadership-seminars/ All 10th graders are eligible to apply. Check your email for the application. Make a copy of the Google Doc and then you can type directly on it. Print out your finished product and turn it in at the Counseling Center.
HOBY is no cost to you! Everyone who has gone says it is the BEST leadership experience they have ever had. Don't hesitate - apply! The deadline is September 30th.

Picture Retake Day is Friday, October 7.

SHS Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week September 26th to September 30th -202 The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that last year approximately one million people died from suicide-which is at a global rate of 16 per 100,000 or one death every 40 seconds is from suicide. This is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Week at SHS. Visit the Suicide Prevention and Awareness information center in the Media sponsored by the SHS FCCLA. All the material is free to take and study. For information call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or if you have thoughts of suicide use the new 988 suicide and crisis help line phone number.

Digital Equity Survey Please turn your completed form in to the high school office ASAP.

FCCLA Members, if you are planning on attending DLC on Wednesday, October 19th you need to turn in your permission slips to Mrs. Brandenburgh by this Friday, September 30th.

College Reps in the Building Juniors and Seniors: Check your email and submit the survey if you want to visit with these college reps:

Thursday, September 29 - UNL - 3:10

Thursday, October 27 - Iowa State University - 3:10

Bluejay Cafeteria
Student Breakfast Price - $2.10
Student Lunch Price - $3.15 - Must contain at least 3 of the following - Meat, grain, fruit, vegetable, milk
Extra Entree - $2.00
Extra Milk - $.35

Everyday selections:
Grill - Hamburger, Cheeseburger
Favorites: Monday: Bacon Swiss Chicken; Tuesday: Western Burger; Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan; Thursday: BBQ Rib Sandwich; Friday: Corn Dog
Pizza - Cheese or Pepperoni; Pizza Sticks
Deli - Custom Sub
Salad Bar.

Adventure Favorites:
Monday - Hot Dog
Tuesday - Macaroni and Cheese
Wednesday - Country Fried Steak
Thursday - Breakfast for Lunch
Friday -Chicken Parmesan over Pasta

Fast Take - Daily Specials:
Monday - Spicy Italian Sub, Pine-Orange Mango Smoothie
Tuesday - Popcorn Chicken Salad, Turkey Kidzable
Wednesday - Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap
Thursday - Fiesta Salad, Chicken Popper Kidzable
Friday - Ham & Cheese Wrap, Mixed Berry Smoothie; Friday Favorite: Uncrustable Kit

A La Carte Prices (NO Ala Carte purchases allowed if account balance is less than $1.00)
Chex Mix $1.00
Fruit Bowls $2.50
Chips $1.00
Pop Chips $1.50
Fruit Snacks $1.00
Granola Bars $1.50
KindBar $1.75
Pop Tart $1.00
Grandma Cookies $0.75
Rice Krispie Treats $1.25
Tropicana Juice $1.75
Beef Jerky $2.50
V-8 $2.50
Bubbly $2.00
Pepsi Products $1.75
Gatorade $2.50
Propel $2.50
Izze $1.50
Naked Juices $3.50
Breakfast Bars $1.25
Cereal Bowls $1.00
Donuts $1.75
Animal Crackers $0.50
Grandma Mini $0.50
Goldfish, Graham, Bug Bites $0.50
Uncrustables $1.00

Scholarships from the Counseling Center Remember: The Scholarship Listing Page is available on the Google Classroom 2023 which describes the scholarship eligibility, amount, deadline. Also check your ScholarshipQuest account on EducationQuest weekly!
18 - Wendy's Heisman
22 - US Bank
31 - CUNE Music
31 - Coca-Cola
1 - Wichita State
13 - Hispanic Heritage
15 - Elks
15 - UNL Honors, Raikes, Business
15 - KLOP
15 - USD
1 - Hagan
1 - Wayne State
1 - KU
1 - South Dakota State

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